The work environment has changed a lot over time: People aren’t jailed in cubicles anymore – no, we are on the move.  We have to visit Clive from the Johannesburg Office, then meet with Patricia in Lydenburg and lastly set of to meet a new client in Dullstroom. Always on the run, it's coffee on the go and meals from a bag. Sound familiar?

As a fellow contributors to the economy, we can completely relate to the buzz of working on the go – but what if there is a way to catch a breather between al the craziness? Dullstroom Reservations can assist with a comprehensive list of B&B’s in the Dullstroom and surrounding areas. Even the hardest of harcore working bees out there need to rest. No matter how much of a powerhouse worker you are: You need to do two things - Sleep and eat. Instead of wasting valuable time by driving around for hours searching for a place to stay, put Dullstroom Reservations on speed dial and let us assist you in finding the perfect Bed & Breakfast where you can catch up on e-mails, enjoy a great night’s sleep, indulge in a power breakfast and hit the road again.

It doesn’t matter if you work for Richy Rich or the blossoming company on the corner, there is a B&B to suit your need (and budget): from flamboyant hotels to picturesque little cottages. Choose from a variety of bKick off your shoes, throw the tie over the chair, grab a beverage from the freezer and breathe for few minutes. Let Dullstroom Reservations help you to recharge and freshen up before ploughing through the rest of the weeks’ travel.

Dullstroom is a mere 2 and a half hours’ drive from Johannesburg and en route to various beautiful destinations in Mpumalanga. Let it be your half way house: A home away from home. Contact one of our dedicated Dullstroom Reservations agents at 013 254 0254  or click here to book online to avoid aimless driving and unnecessary exhaustion!

In a nine to five world there is no room for time wasters – so contact Dullstroom Reservations today and make every second count!