Figure 1: Dullstroom-Reservations-Pet-Friendly-Accommodation-Girl-Playing-with-Dog

“Home is where my dog is”.

The excitement of packing for a weekend away in the country is the start of any well-deserved break away, but the puppy dog eyes watching your every move can make you feel like you’re committing a crime…

Why not let the fury kids come along on your country getaway and keep the whole family happy!

There are loads of venues that are happy to welcome dogs for the weekend at a minimal charge. In true small town fashion, your dogs are also welcome at many of the local pubs, coffee houses and restaurants.

Don’t forget to pack, food and bowls and doggies own bedding. Make sure to keep water and a bowl easily accessible when driving through to Dullstroom as you will need to stop at least once. Also remember to keep your pup on a leash in any public place – its dog owner etiquette that is widely praised by all people travelling with their pets.

When booking a place to stay, let the agent know whether you prefer a wide open space for dogs to roam freely, or if you would prefer a smaller fenced in place so that you don’t have to worry about doggy wondering off.

Holidaying with pets is one of the fastest growing travelling trends – don’t wait too long to give it a try.

Contact our friendly sales team on +27 13 254 0254 or [email protected] and they will be happy to help you find the perfect pet-friendly venue.