Things To do in Dullstroom


  • Dullstroom Bird of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre

The Dullstroom Bird Of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre strives to educate the public on the plight of raptors. We provide flying demonstrations, handling and photographic days to the public as part of our educational drive. We have a self guided tour through our resident birds, each with its own history of how they came to be at the Centre. We rehabilitate injured wildlife and also breed and release raptors back into the wild. Flying demonstrations are strictly weather permitting and start at 10h30 and 14h30 Wed- Mon. Please come earlier as it is a fair walk to the demonstration area. The demonstration area is outside with no shade so remember hats, sunscreen in summer. Centre is closed on Tuesdays unless it falls on a public holiday. We are a registered non-profit Trust and do not receive financial assistance from the government. Our existence and survival is solely dependent on the entrance fees, donations and sponsorships of you our visitors.

  • Dimitrov Art Gallery

   On any given weekend, you can find a small crowd outside the Dimitrov art gallery in the picturesque Mpumalanga town of Dullstroom. Unusual for a well-established artist, reminiscent almost of a Parisian scene, but here you experience it: someone wants his/her portrait painted; they take a pose on the veranda outside the gallery; Branko Dimitrov paints the head and shoulders in bold brush strokes; a while later, the portrait is completed - and the onlookers cheer and clap!

On the walls in the gallery, you find many paintings on music. A songstress in a red dress. A violinist. A few guitar players. Classical music plays softly in the background. The colours swirl from the paintings into the mind; they leave you feeling lightheaded.

As you turn a corner on the soft Persian carpet, you feel your body caught up in a whirl of hues and notes and fragrances. You almost do not want to conclude the turn; you want it to last and last. And you realise: you want to dance!


  • Dullstroom Nature Reserve

The Dullstroom Nature Reserve receives little publicity, which is something of a bonus for those who happen to stumble across the reserve and its accompanying dam, and are only too pleased to have the place more or less to themselves.

Do not let any allusion to the word ‘dull’ cloud your judgement when heading in the direction of Dullstroom. Dull the little village of Dullstroom is not, and the farm environment and natural surrounds attest easily to the numerous adventure opportunities that exist – clay pigeon shooting, horse riding, an organic dairy, a mampoer distillery, numerous art galleries and a tea garden called Tonteldoos Barn (we kid you not).

Because of the high altitude of the town, athletes use it as a good preparation for any serious training, and the Dullstroom Highland Challenge, a serious mountain biking event, starts and finishes in the Dullstroom Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is an effortless combination of rolling hills and valleys with views of unspoiled sub-alpine ecosystems.

There is a caravan park in the reserve for those who want to more than a moment’s worth of fly-fishing.



  • Anvil Ale Brewery

Brewed on site at the Anvil Brewhouse in Dullstroom, using water sourced on site from the sub-alpine springs of the Steenkampsberge. Made with the same passion and craftsmanship since way back in the day. Make the most of it by pouring and drinking it from a glass. Eyes!


  • Wild about Whisky


Wild about Whisky offers tutored tastings in whiskies and all other premium spirits, and have assembled 45 cleverly arranged tasting themes to guide you through the wealth of products. The bar has over 1200 whiskies on offer from 20 countries, including Scotland, Ireland, USA, Japan, Taiwan, India, Tasmania and South Africa. It also includes a large variety of gins, rums, brandies, cognacs, quality wines, beers and great coffee.


  • Highland Gate Golf and Trout Estate

Located only two and a half hours from Johannesburg, nestled in the Steenkampsberg mountain range near Dullstroom, the Highland Gate Golf and Trout Estate boasts the ideal offering for an investor looking to own their piece of nature and have the most sought after Ernie Els signature golf course on their doorstep.


The Highland Gate estate spans 700 hectares of which only 30 percent will be developed. The residential component consists of 455 prime stands ranging between 770m² and 1900m² and the remainder of the property has been left in its natural state for residents to enjoy nature at its best.


Highland Gate is the perfect weekend retreat for outdoor enthusiasts, the focus is not only on the championship level golf course but also the wealth of leisure activities the estate offers, including hiking trails, fly fishing, mountain biking, picnicking, swimming and bird watching to ensure the whole family is catered for in this rare and tranquil setting

  • Dullstroom on Horseback

Horse riding & pony rides in Dullstroom town. All ages & experience levels welcome.

Dullstroom has a unique charm, characterized by beautiful scenery, low temperatures, high altitude, misty mornings and peaceful streets. 

There is no better way to experience this beauty than by horse riding through Dullstroom town. Offering out rides for young and old, the experienced and beginner, we have surefooted, well-trained horses to ensure an unforgettable experience.


  • The Clock Shop


We have the largest selection of clocks in one shop in the southern hemisphere with over 7000 different designs to choose from. From Small Alarm clock, to German Cuckoo Clocks, Japanese Wall Clocks, Antique Grandfather clocks and everything in-between.


  • Mavungana Flyfishing

Mavungana Flyfishing is one of the oldest and most well-known names in the flyfishing industry in South Africa. With the country’s largest specialist flyfishing outfitters in Dullstroom, as well as one of the country’s most well-equipped fly shop in Johannesburg.

Enjoy a world-class selection of gear, as well as knowledgeable staff at our branches. Choose from a selection of Mavungana Flyfishing’s trout waters countrywide or be guided on our renowned private trophy waters. Johannesburg is a new look historical establishment that carries an unsurpassed range of tackle and accessories. Mavungana Flyfishing also offers expert one-on-one tuition and guiding from Spey casting to small stream techniques, by internationally certified instructors.

Whatever your needs…. Let us equip and guide you through our world of flyfishing…


  • Mountain-biking

T6 Tonteldoos – De Berg Ring Road

75 km in total, predominantly dirt road plus a portion of tar. Start in Dullstroom @ 2050m and head out on the Tonteldoos road climbing to 2150m, descend to Tonteldoos @ 1800m, pass Tonteldoos and continue round on the Rossenekal / Lydenburg / Stoffberg – tar rd climbing to 2256 m before turning right onto the De Berg – Nederhorst – dirt rd. At this point you are close to the highest point –De Berg – on the Steenkampsberg – the highest point in the old Transvaal Province @ 2331m and the highest tar road in South Africa @ 2256m (extremely good chance of snow in winter after cold fronts have hit). From here you ride along a stunning ridge @ 2200m with breathtaking views to your left and right before descending as you pass Veloren Valei (declared a Ramsa Site), down the pass, along the De Berg rd past magnificent farms with a final fast decent to the Lydenburg road. Turn right just before crossing the railway line and ride along next to the railway line on a jeep track. Route can be done either way. Not for the unfit! 


Kruisfontein Loop

Short: 43 km in total predominantly on dirt road with 5km of tar included. This route can be done clockwise (Hardcore) or anti-clockwise (Wannabe). The Hardcore option starts in Dullstroom, heads out on the Belfast road, turns left @ Birds of Prey Centre onto the Kruisfontein rd, continue down the Kruisfontein road passing private trout syndicates and 3 Estate developments before turning left @ aprox 23 km @ the Morgonzon sign – at this point you dropped from 2050m in Dullstroom to 1750m. From hear you climb for 10 km up the escarpment past Wickhams Country Retreat (remember to look back and enjoy stunning views over the escarpment and down into the Kwena Basin at the top of the Wickhams climb), the ride eases off after the Wickhams climb (be warned this is a serious climb) with a few more climbs and drops for about 9 km before reaching the Lydenburg rd, turn left onto the tar back to Dullstroom.
The Wannabe route is done in the opposite direction and is easier but has the same amount of total climb. Be careful of the Wickhams decent. It is very steep and very rocky.


Dullstroom to Tonteldoos & back

A total of 46 km on dirt road with very little traffic and very safe. Climb to 2150m soon after leaving Dullstroom. There are a few climbs along the way but the route gradually drops to 1800m. You will pass numerous trout fishing syndicates and stunning farms. A midway break can be found at Pendlehill Dairy / Cheese Farm & Restaurant, a good point to reload your carbs and protein naturally. The return trip is back along the same road with a lot more climbing!


Kruisfontein / Machadodorp Ring Road

33km in total on predominantly dirt road with 11km of tar. Start in Dullstroom; continue for 9km along the Belfast rd, turn left @ Elandskloof sign. Continue to the Valeispruit sign, turn left, ride along a very quite farm road before descending to the Kruisfontein rd, turn left onto the Kruisfontein rd straight into a good climb. Drop down to the Crocodile River with a few more climbs, reaching the tar road @ Birds of Prey Centre, turn right onto the tar and ride back into Dullstroom.

Railway Track

Start in Dullstroom head for the Dullstroom Dam / Caravan Park, turn left just before the caravan park entrance, up the hill, turn right just before the railway track and follow the jeep track next to the railway line. Ride along next to the railway track on a jeep track past rolling hills and valleys, cross over the De Berg rd and continue up to as far as Santa Farm, which is just after Walkersons Country Estate. The return trip is along the same route.


De Berg Rd & back

Up to 42 km of predominantly dirt road with about 8km of jeep track – Start in Dullstroom head for the Dullstroom Dam / Caravan Park, turn left just before the caravan park entrance, up the hill, turn right just before the railway track and follow jeep track next to the railway line to the De Berg rd, turn left onto De Berg rd & decide how far you want to go before turning round and returning to follow the jeep track back into Dullstroom. This route will take you past the Dullstroom Nature Reserve along the De Berg rd, which is lined by stunning farms and endless vistas of unspoilt Sub-alpine grasslands. Just before ascending a steep hill you will cross the Lynsklip River, a few dams on your right and, as you climb the hill, pass Veloren Valei on your left. Keep an eye out for Blue & Crowned Crane, Baldheaded Ibis and a variety of Raptors. There is a Quartz Crystal pit just before you reach the top of the hill on your left. As you descend down the other side of the climb you will pass a wetland area, in Veloren Valei that is home to a variety of rare endemic ground orchids.


Elandskloof, Winnaarspoort & Kloppenheim

76 km in total predominantly on dirt road with 12 km of tar. Start in Dullstroom, head out on the Belfast rd for 9 km, turn left onto the Elandskloof dirt road continue for 13 km, turn left. Continue for 7 km before turning right. En route pass to 2 radio towers (Mareskop 2020m – at this point you will be able to enjoy an amazing view from the edges of the escarpment and down into the Kwena Basin) and enjoy a fast descent into a neck where you will turn right. Continue down through a stunning farm and Bluegum tree plantations, pass old farm buildings, a luxurious lodge and after 5 km reach a T-junction at Winnaarspoort. Turn right and follow for 4.5km, Machadodorp town and refinery can be clearly seen on your left. Ride until reaching a sign that indicates Dullstroom, turn right and continue up through an avenue of old trees and an old farmhouse. Ride along next to a crystal clear stream, up a steep rocky pass until after 7.5 km you get to the same crossing where you turned left up to the radio towers – continue straight back along the road for 7 km. Turn right onto the Valeispruit rd. 4 km along this road you will cross the Crocodile River. Continue another 3km before reaching the Kruisfontein rd after a fast decent. Turn left and onto the Kruisfontein rd straight into a good climb. Drop down to the Crocodile River with a few more climbs, reaching the tar road @ Birds of Prey Centre, turn right onto the tar and ride back into Dullstroom.


Restaurants in Dullstroom

Mrs. Simpson's Restaurant

The Mayfly Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

The Coachman Restaurant

Pickles and ThingsThe Mad Hatter

Walkerson's Restaurant

Fatima's Kitchen


·Go Clay pigeon shooting


After a long drive down a bumpy dirt track, you’ll eventually come to Field and Stream & Lake Heron and the clay pigeon shooting facilities situated there.

Following a quick lesson, you’ll be asked to take your position and call out when you’re ready for the clay to be launched into the air. Take your eye off it and you’ll miss, but it’s the most satisfying feeling when you eventually get one. Just make sure to book ahead of the bachelor parties.


  • Bergen Cheese

Come visit us at Bergen Cheese!! Our friendly staff are always ready to assist and help in matching your perfect picnic pack! We have daily tastings on display and new products available, keeping your tastebuds tantalised!



  • Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

Those interested in more peaceful pursuits should not miss the Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve. It is one of the few locations in South Africa where breeding populations of all three of the world's endangered cranes are found.

The Blue Crane, which is South Africa's national bird, can be spotted along with the Wattled Crane and Crowned Crane at the Reserve. The Wattled Crane and Blue Crane are critically endangered and the Crowned Crane being endangered. Guided tours only are strictly by appointment.

Verloren Vallei is a proclaimed Nature Reserve, about 13 km from Dullstroom. The reserve is in an undisturbed area of the Steenkampsberg Plateau, with wide open rolling grasslands and wetlands.

The Reserve has typical Highlands grassland with a network of more than 30 wetlands with a particular high and national important component of endemic and Red data species. The inter-linked wetlands play a an important hydrological role because they are a source of important river systems for both the Crocodile and Olifants

The Reserve having been declared an international RAMSAR wetlands site, signifies a wetland area of International importance.

The open grassland is home to a variety birds, such as bald ibis, cisticolas, longclaws, pipits, larks, finches, long tailed shrikes and red bishops.

The rocky outcrops are home to birds such as the ground woodpecker, mountain chat, buff streaked chat and the cape rock thrush, the scarce grey winged and red winged francolin.

The wetland area provides a refuge for the three crane species. The Blue and Crowned Cranes spend winter in flocks, then break up into pairs to breed and each pair establishes their own territory. Wattled Cranes remain together in pairs on their territories and will usually occupy a chosen site for life, all year round.

An isolated "rear and release" facility has been established for Wattled Cranes at Verloren Vallei. Humans dressed in costumes resembling the Wattled Crane act as "crane mothers" in the rearing of the chicks