We all have seen that picture: The attractive 40-something man, standing peacefully in a rustic dam, casting his rod over the calm waters. Somewhere in the background a fish eagle patiently sits on a branch and a beautiful rainbow trout swims away in the shallow waters, disappearing in the deep. We studied that picture endlessly in every magazine or post card or whiskey advertisement and we knew: We want to be that guy! Dullstroom Reservations can assist you to become exactly that: The trout fishing guy we all dream about…even if you have no knowledge of how to start this adventure.

Dullstroom is renowned for being the fly fishing capital of Mpumalanga. How would one start this endeavour to also become part of the fly fishing community? What do you need and how do you select the top fly fishing hotspots in the area? Never fear when Dullstroom Reservations is near! We can assist with all the questions and queries and better we can turn that city boy into a true country gentleman with the swish of a fly fishing rod.

First things first: Adhere to the laws of nature. When is trout season? The wonderful answer: All year round! This is a sport that is not bound to the seasons, however the best months are from May to August.

Secondly: A fly fishing expert obviously needs the correct gadgets to play the part. Dullstroom has two wonderful expert shops: The Village Angler and Mavungana. Both can assist with fishing rods and expert advice on casting or tactics. You can even make it easier: Just give us a ring to organize your fly fishing weekend on your behalf and we will take care of everything.

Last, but not least: Where do you go? Dullstroom has an abundance of fly fishing venues – how do you choose the best venues for your endeavour? Call us today at 013 254 0254  or click HERE to visit our website and have a look at some of our favourite fly fishing spots like Talbot Farm, Remi Lodge, Field & Stream, Walkersons and Spring Valley Retreat. Each one of these venues offer something perfectly unique for your every need and every personality type. Whether you want a secluded cabin overlooking the dam or a luxurious room in a hotel to return to after your trout escapade – we have you sorted!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or novice fly fisher – Dullstroom Reservations can assist you to create the perfect fly fishing weekend. Enjoy the gentleman’s sport in the rustic town of Dullstroom this winter. Visit www.dullstroomreservations.co.za to find the perfect fly fishing venue online or give our friendly agents a call at 013 254 0254 to kick start your adventure!