Winter need not be all doom and gloom – instead, why not make it work for you instead of against you? Curl up in front of a warm fire, toast marshmallows and make the most of the cold winter months this year. There are so many fantastic winter holiday destinations to choose from, right here under our noses within the borders of South Africa, that you will be completely and utterly spoilt for choice. Have you always wanted to explore those tiny towns of the Karoo, but find it far too warm during the hot summer months? Well, now’s the time to plot your route, pack your family and dog into the car (and yes, there are pet-friendly hotels and B & B establishments) and off you go!


South Africa boasts numerous winter holiday spots – and best of all is that these seldom make a large dent in one’s pocket, as holiday packages can often prove to be really cost-effective when the weather turns cold. Winter holiday destinations don’t break the bank – they make your world better. July school holidays are quite lengthy, although this is the perfect excuse to get away from it all, so make a plan this year and take the family trout fishing, to the seaside (Durban boasts lovely weather in July), to the Drakensberg, to see the snow or the mountains in the Cape that resemble Switzerland, a visit to the Karoo or one of the many game farms on the outskirts of Johannesburg and Pretoria or those dotted right throughout South Africa.


There is no need to book that expensive window seat for a European holiday – instead jump in the car, pack a picnic and take the kids away somewhere special this winter.

Winter holiday destinations are fun and different. This is the perfect time to bond with everyone and to take some really special me-time out of your usual busy schedule.