There are so many reasons to love Waterval Boven.

Waterval Boven, which is Dutch for Above Waterfall, is named after the spectacular waterfall in the Elands River visible from the mouth of the old Railway Tunnel.

This gorgeous little town is nestled in the Drakensberg Mountains at the foot of the South Hills and forms part of the Highlands Meander.

The town was established in 1898 as a railway depot, and is bursting at the seams with historical buildings and sites such as the Five Arch Bridge, Old Tunnel and President Paul Kruger’s official home where he took up residence in 1900 before his exile.

Things to do in Waterval Boven include trout fishing, hiking and horse riding. For the adrenalin junkie, rock climbing will get the pulse beating a little faster as the surrounding cliffs present challenges for brave hearts. Otherwise take a dip in one of the fresh mountain swimming holes dotted throughout the region.

Waterval Boven is a terrific spot for anglers that love to do a bit of fly-fishing, as there are numerous dams and rivers where enthusiasts can snag that big fish.

For visitors looking for the perfect accommodation in Waterval Boven, the world’s their oyster. With so much to choose from ranging from the budget conscious and backpackers to chic chalets and eye-popping guest houses, there is a bed for everyone.

So much to see and so much to do – Waterval Boven offers the intrepid traveller plenty of memories to take back home.