There are so many reasons to love Belfast.

Belfast is a tiny, quirky little town found in Mpumalanga, and is best known for its excellent trout fishing. The icy cold streams, freezing rivers and six pretty dams overflowing with trout presents excellent fishing opportunities for avid anglers from right across the globe.

It is no secret that the marriage of excellent fishing and the breath-taking surroundings makes for the perfect holiday destination. Visitors to this neck of the woods looking for accommodation in Belfast will discover that they are spoilt for choice as there is much to choose to fit all types of budgets.

Belfast is a predominantly farming community, and the sight of sheep and cows is a common sight; additionally, this picturesque town is home to the oldest blue gum tree plantation in South Africa. Belfast is cold as it is 2 025 m above sea level, perhaps one of the highest towns in SA. Furthermore, it is within close proximity to the Drakensberg Mountains, which makes it a great weekend getaway.

There is much to be said and had in the way of accommodation, so be sure to find your home away from home when looking for the perfect accommodation in Belfast.

There are excellent hiking trails that will offer excellent views for as far as the eye can see, too. Belfast is the best-kept little secret of Mpumalanga - the jewel in the crown to South Africa.